September 2023
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NEW VERSION OF Socks Client available (September 5, 2023) : [Downloads]
  • We have a large quantity of online socks and proxy servers - at all times we have lots of socks online
    NOW: 30436 IP in 168 countries
  • Our serices have high anonymity. We gurantee that our proxy and socks servers
    are completely anonymous!
    (proxies don't record logs and don't modify HTTP headers)
  • The best traffic encryption technologies!Your IP is protected with our encrypted socks without the need of a VPN. Your IP is not even visible on proxies (not like with simple proxy or ssh), all of your connection is hidden and protected) We include access in the standard package! You can hide or change your IP with doubleclick of mouse!
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Compatible with Windows 2k/2k3/XP/Vista/Seven/Win8/Win10
Compatible with MacOS (up to 10.14 with WINE, 10.15+ using crossover), Linux, BSD
Compatible with all virtual machines (VmWare,VirtualBox, etc...)

  • Our service has the lowest prices, the highest quality, and we offer unlimited access
  • Our main rule: - you will pay less, If you buy more
  • You have the possibility of choosing the best anonymous proxies and then filtering them to parameters such as - -IP Hostname Language Uptime Country City Region
  • Professional Support
  • Automatic payment with WebMoney , PerfectMoney, BITCOIN payment systems
  • Anonymous VPN Service
  • Access through protected https protocol
  • All you need to do for access is to register and pay!
  • 14.12.2020
  • 09.07.2020
    14 years! we are working for your safety. Special rates for 1/3/5 year plans with free OpenVPN are available from today
  • 02.05.2020
    Support #1 ICQ has been changed. Actual contacts on the left on this page
  • 01.03.2020
    We have updated our OPENVPN-Lite All our customers having paid socks account, have possibility absolutely free of charge to take 'OpenVPN Lite'
  • 09.01.2020
    Firefox 72 with default settings blocks browser fingerprint tracking. We recommend Firefox as the main free browser for your work
  • 27.12.2019
    Happy New Year. Don't forget to buy one of our special NY2020 promo plans
  • 09.10.2019
    New version of Socks Client
  • 09.07.2019
    New :) summer offer. Get CHANCE to WIN 2x or 3x for any payment with promo code: VIPX2X3
  • 18.06.2019
    The beginning :) of summer sale and bonuses. +10% to subscriptiuon time and usage limit with payments using LiteCoin
  • 01.05.2019
    New version of Socks Client - Installer integrated with proxifier standart edition instead of portable for better compatibilit
    - Optimized work in WINE with high traffic upload
    - Optimized work in WINE with high traffic upload
    - Optimized BlackList checker
    - Stability fixes
  • 23.04.2019
    We have updated our openvpn configuration for better compatibility
  • 01.03.2019
    New version of Socks Client with powerful DNS options
  • 15.12.2018
    Happy New Year 2019 !!! sale started !
  • Also we introducing updated Socks Client (many fixes, including SSL, and other things, for details click
  • 16.12.2017
    Happy New Year 2018 ! Plans for 1 and 3 years with free OpenVPN as bonus! Now we accept LITECOIN as payment method for socks and proxy. Low transaction fee and fast transaction processing - it could be really better for micropayments.
  • 11.09.2017
    Support #2 ICQ has been changed. Actual contacts on the left on this page
  • 10.04.201
    Socks Client has been updated (1.8.3) Update is high priority and affect GEO database
  • 05.11.2014
    We offer new prices for all accounts, registered after '05 november 2014 00:00'. Customers, which registered till that date will be able to use old prices

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